nak speaking sat la,ingat aku x reti ka hehe

t0day i want t0 st0ry ab0ut my life (ceh speaking lak )
0nce a p0n a time,hearing s0me pe0ple l0ud hardly..
this situati0n happening at h0spital..when she want to
chid birth me..she in this st0ry is my m0m la ngee..
my m0m fight with life t0 bear father was 
w0rried l00k my m0m in this the 6.21
a.m (reka ja) my m0ther have a safe birth me..

my father was s0 happy and like me..after that my
father was azan me..i was hearing that.s0 w0nderful
( baby b0ley dngar ) plik2 hahaha..but thats me la..
their give me my name m0hammad afifi bin m0hammad
haji..i was like that ahaaha..

when i was 3 year,i can walk and running ahahhaa..
i als0 can play anything..i can eat.i can sleep..
0f c0z la tid0..kcik2 dulu mmg td0 aih ahahaha...
when i was 6 years 0ld,my father t00k me and send
t0 there i see may friends and teacher..
my class is saidina abu bakar as i remember la hihihi..

when i was 7 years 0ld,i have g0 t0 sch00l..i wear
bl0use,tr0users and bag..wah like student c00l..
apa aku mrepek ni hahhaha..whats ever la..i g0
t0 sch00l with my father naek m0t0 t0gether2 ...
cmpuq bahasa hahaha..n then i get many ilmu at 
there..the class i like is music class..i have try t0
play guitar and drum ( tipu sunat )..hahahahha

when i was f0rm 1, i g0 t0 sch00l naek bicycle 
al0ne with my friend..that sch00l very s0cial..
i n0t like that..but i d0nt mind la..i c0me here
t0 learn n study n0t be s0cialism ceh pndai da..
f0rm 2 until f0rm 3,in this i g0t pmr f0rm 3..
hehe..when i was f0rm 4 i g0 t0 technic sch00l..
nak tau mna cari sndiri la ..

at there i take electric c0urse..i learn many ab0ut
eletric heheh..i als0 get many friends 0ther negeri..
my class very sp0rting and my teacher als0..ngee
at there i was learn anything..i g0t h0stel in bl0ck 2
there have warden..warden was very fierce..
my first time experience at h0stel..when i f0rm 5
i g0t spm..very w0rried la..but lastly i succes eheh..

bef0re i waiting result spm..i w0rk att pizza hut...
at there many pizza i kn0w..i als0 be a cashier...
i can make pizza what t0pping i want heeheh..
my manager was kindful..i syukur ab0ut that...
after i g0t result spm at m0nth 3 year 2010..i make
decisi0n t0 c0ntinue my stdy at there i learn
many new thing heheehe,i als0 meet many friend..
my lecturer very sp0rting la hehee...xnak ckap byk
that my st0ry..seri0usly i d0nt kn0w t0 speak and
write english but little2 t0 b0ley la hahahaha..tq :)


  1. bias0 la,eden p0n tak gheti
    nak k0ba 0m putih puny0 bahasa
    ni..aih pelik b0na aih :p